Passwords & Account Security



Want to stay safe online? This article contains useful information about avoiding risks, reacting to stolen/hacked accounts and some useful advice on how to pick a good password that's easy to remember and is still secure.


Originally Published: 30th of March, 2014
Last Updated: 30th of March, 2014


Bad Website Design



We've compiled a list of the common characteristics you find on 'bad websites' as well as some examples that'll likely make you cringe.



Originally Published: 28th of February, 2014
Last Updated: 28th of February, 2014


Guide: Buying a New Computer



Thinking of buying a new computer and what to get what you need without paying for what you don't? Then this guide is for you.

Originally Published: 25th of February, 2014
Last Updated:25th of February, 2014


Are You Computer Literate?



We often have clients saying they're "not very good with computers". The real question is: What make someone computer literate? This article is our take on what you need to know when it comes to IT and computers.

Originally Published: 13th of February, 2014
Last Updated: 19th of February, 2014


Useful Computer Knowledge



Useful knowledge for all computer users. In this article we cover useful information that will not only make using technology easier but it could save you time and money.

Originally Published: 30th of January, 2014
  Last Updated: 30th of January, 2014


Useful Smartphone Apps



Looking for some useful apps to get? This article lists and describes some of the common, useful, free apps for iphone that we have encountered. 


Originally Published: 5th of January, 2014
Last Updated: 28th of February, 2014