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Web Hosting Service Level Agreement (SLA)

This service level agreement applies only to ‘Web Hosting services – Basic Package’ as provided by
Intraplex. We reserve the right to update this document periodically, please check regularly for changes.  Last Updated on 12/02/2014.


This agreement sets out the minimum level of service that Intraplex is required to meet and the corresponding penalties for not meeting such levels. We will however aim to provide a service that is well beyond the minimum levels specified in this document.


The target up-time for primary services (web hosting) is 99.9% each month.


All support requests will be handled as soon as possible, the target time to action a support request is within one week. Telephone and email support is provided during our standard business operating hours.

Service Level Guarantee

The service level guarantee will be measured by Intraplex and is based on the up-time. If Intraplex determines that primary services were unavailable for period exceeding the maximum allowable under the prescribed up-time target, and extending for a continuous duration of 15 minutes or more per instance, on request we will credit your account 25% of the monthly cost for each 30 minutes the service was unavailable that month to the next invoice, for a maximum of 2 hours. To receive credit if this guarantee has not been met, the customer must contact Intraplex within 14 days of the end of the month for which credit is requested.

Definition of Terms

Primary services: Network availability & Web server.

Up-time:  The total percentage of hours each month not affected by “down-time”.

Down-time: The total duration for each month which the primary services are not operating at a reasonable level. Down-time does not include periods for which the primary services are not operating as a result of scheduled outages or outages which can reasonably be determined as resulting from the customer’s actions or a customer’s lack of a reasonable connection to the internet.

Customer / Client: Persons to whom Intraplex has provided hosting services to or authorized access to the web hosting for the purposes of configuration, testing or development or those persons authorized or requested to act on behalf of the client.

Scheduled outages: From time to time upgrades to hardware and or software may be required; such upgrades will be done outside of business hours. The client will be notified when practicable in advance of such upgrades.